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Sam Is Our Man

Samuel West Daily Appreciation Community

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Welcome to the Daily Appreciation Community of the actor known as Samuel West, brought to you by miner_va.

Clearly you have excellent taste, for otherwise you wouldn't be here, I imagine.

These things should be fairly obvious by now:

- NO HOTLINKING (use your own bandwidth, dears!)

- POST PICTURES ONLY (no inane spamming like "omg he is sooo hott!!" - we *know* that, dear, that's why we're here)

- "pictures" can include screen caps, mag scans, icons and other things of visual nature - just be aware that although you might find it amusing/sexy to, say, paste famous people's heads on pictures of misc. naked people, others might not; general guide of conduct: Have Some Taste, Please.

- be aware that even though you might have a supersonic-speed Internet connection with all the bells & whistles, others might not = ALL LARGER IMAGES BEHIND A CUT TAG WITH A FAIR WARNING INCLUDED, PLEASE!

- be also aware of the general post guidelines & rules that LJ has

*takes off Evol Moderator!hat*

Lastly, please DO enjoy yourself. :D